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Do you ever worry about money?
You're not alone.

42% of Americans report worrying about money in the last two days.
Gallup personal finance poll, Oct 08

Learn to live without the


Money makes a terrible GOD.

It can lead to stress, jealousy, and broken relationships.

Money is an incredible GIFT.

It can lead to joy, blessing others, and building a legacy.

Which is it for you?

Money is the tool. Freedom is the goal.
Money: God or Gift is the book to help you get there.

Put money in its proper place.

It’s time we see money for what it really is: a tool to enjoy your life and bless others. A gift from God to be managed, not a god to enslave us.

Steward It

We’re all blessed. The question isn’t how much you have but what you’re doing to steward what you do have. Learn to be faithful.

Invest It

The future begins today. Every financial decision we make is a negative or positive investment in the future. Make the most of those decisions.

Don’t Worry About It

Financial freedom is more than just a large savings account. It’s an attitude that refuses to let money control your life. Start living free today.




Matt Chandler

Author and Pastor
"One of the best books on money I've read."


Lecrae, Grammy Winning Artist
"At the end of the day, every Christian is a steward and not an owner. Jamie teaches us how to steward well the resources that God has given us."

Michael Hyatt

Best-selling author
"If you are looking for a good, solid book on money—one that provides a biblical overview and practical application—this is it."

About The Author


Jamie Munson is a Montana native living in Seattle, Washington, where he has worked as a pastor, the co-president of a premium coffee company, and a consultant helping churches and businesses make the most of their God-given resources. Jamie and his wife, Crystal, have four kids, and together they enjoy sports, walks, family nights, marbles, traveling, and good laughs.   For speaking requests, consulting inquiries, more leadership content, please visit jamiemunson.com.


Get Money for your church

“The very first thing I did after reading Money: God or Gift was order a copy for every single person in my church. It was that good.”
–Noel Heikkinen, Riverview Church

Money: God or Gift has helped hundreds of churches strengthen their stewardship and discipleship. Great bulk pricing available.

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